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Look Ma, Big Data is on FireFlyz

FireFlyz, the official Firefly in-flight magazine, published a well-rounded article titled “Big Data: Size Does Matter”. It interviews Dr. Karl Ng (MDeC), Mugilan Chitambram (Golden Gorillas) and Ivan Teh (Fusionex), getting their take on Big Data and Big Data Analytics from the perspective of a government organization, startup and public listed company respectively.


One of the most valuable takeaways from Big Data: Size Does Matter would be what Dr Karl Ng said in response to the question of whether BDA is merely a technological proposition.

Obviously no…[BDA] is not about technology. It is an investment by businesses where data is used to solve a variety of issues as well as to be able to forecast and predict outcomes, all of which can increase the organization’s profits and reduce its costs.


You can read the article on page 14 & 15, Issue 10, Aug 2014 of the FireFlyz Magazine, or download the article here.

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