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A data lake is needed to combat the Zika Virus

We have the technology and data to combat the Zika Virus and potentially find a vaccine for the virus that will hit 4 million people by 2017. We are just sorely lacking a data lake platform to pull all these disparate data – from clinical trials, surveillance activities and provider networks – together so that everyone can work on analyzing the data and accelerate the vaccine development process and other solutions.

Viruses like Zika, which spring on us so fast, do raise people’s attention to the issue. The public health surveillance systems is already in place, but it takes too long to do the analysis and report back and it is hard for vaccine developers to access the data from different sources to accelerate their drug development process. Powers believes “The idea of a platform where we can analyze multiple different data sources, alongside all of the stakeholders – crowd sourcing solutions – could be the way we can do this.”


Read the full article here: Can Big Data Help Fight the Zika Virus?

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